Cochin University College of Engineering Kuttanad, CUSAT
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Academic enrichment of an institution is measured by its research output. CUCEK is a potential institution to initiate and nurture research in many areas of engineering and science. The CUCEK is located in a village which has challenging soil strata for construction, impure water and unplanned transportation system and which makes its living mainly through agriculture. Abundance of waste materials like rice husk, coconut shells, weeds in water bodies, etc. would be counted as a menace in this locality. Research projects leading to improvement of construction practice, water purification to a large scale, stabilization of subsoil through coir geo-textiles, reuse of waste materials for new building materials, mechanization in agriculture to increase productivity and reduce human labor, new power generation systems through renewable/non-renewable energy sources, flood control measures, etc. are under initiation by various faculty of CUCEK. The faculty belonging to varied fields of engineering and science can offer and guide research projects leading to PhD. PhD programs in CUCEK are now conducted through the School of Engineering under the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Management Studies in the CUSAT. Various areas of research interest of the faculty members, names of their present and past research (PhD) students, research publications, technical projects running under each faculty member, etc. are detailed in this page.