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    National Service Scheme(NSS)is a permanent youth programme under the ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports ,Government of India, launched on 24th September 1969, the birth centenary of the Father of Nation.The Motto of NSS ‘Not Me But You’ reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for self-less service. NSS helps the students to develop appreciation to other person’s point of view and also show consideration to other living beings.The philosophy of the NSS is well doctrine in this motto , which under lines on the belief that welfare of an individual is ultimately dependence on the welfare of the society on the whole and therefore the NSS volunteer shall strive for the well being of the society. The logo for the NSS has been based on the giant Rath Wheel of the world famous Konark Sun Temple situated in Orissa,India.The wheel portrays the cycle of creation ,preservation , and release and signifies the movement in life across time and space. The symbol thus stand for continuity as well as change and implies the continuous striving of NSS for social change . The red colour indicate that the volunteer is full of young blood that is lively ,active, energetic and full of high spirit. The navy blue colour indicate the cosmos of which the NSS is tiny part ,ready to contribute its share for welfare of the mankind.

  • Objective

    • Understand the community in which they work.
    • Understand themselves in relation to their community.
    • Identify the need and problem of the community and involve them in problem solving.
    • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
    • Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.
    • Develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibility.
    • Gain skills in mobilising community participation
    • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
    • Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disaster.
    • Practical nation integration and social harmony.
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  • Names of Committee members

    Dr.Shiyas C R(NSS Program Officer)
    Jabir K V T(NSS Program Officer)